Workers’ Compensation in Delaware

When a worker becomes injured in Delaware, they may be concerned about how they will pay for the medical bills related to their injury. Luckily, they may qualify for Workers’ Compensation. The benefits provided by Workers’ Compensation can help support an injured worker while they focus on healing. There are numerous Workers’ Compensation benefits that an injured worker may qualify for in Delaware, depending on the injuries that they experienced on the job. A quick outline of these benefits is as follows:

  • Temporary Partial Disability- for injured employees who are able to work part-time or at a reduced wage. These employees can collect two-thirds of the difference between their previous wage and the current, smaller wage.
  • Temporary Total Disability- for workers who cannot work until their injuries are cured, they may be entitled to two-thirds of their gross weekly wages.
  • Permanent Total Disability- employees who will never recover from their injury and may be considered disabled could obtain benefits based on scheduled or unscheduled losses.
  • Disfigurement Benefits- Delaware employees who petition for disfigurement that happened on the job may be awarded this benefit for a limited amount of time, no more than 150 weeks.
  • Death Benefits- if a loved one dies on a job, their dependents may collect up to 80 percent of the rate established by the state.

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