Who is liable if multiple dogs are involved in an attack?

Domestic animals can become companions to most people. However, in certain situations, they can still be considered to be dangerous. Our pets have grown familiar with us and get into an everyday routine. Since they are familiar with us, they treat us kindly and can often become protective. When they are confronted with a stranger, they may not act in a friendly manner that we are used to. Dogs can be territorial animals that want to protect their owners. This may cause them to act out against other individuals. They may act aggressively if a stranger were to approach. For these situations, an owner should know how their dog will behave around others. When more than one dog is involved in a dog attack, it may involve more than one owner. For these situations, an injured party may be able to hold all the owners responsible for the accident. The dog owners can be jointly and separately held responsible for the injuries that happened as a result of the accident and the damages that they may be entitled to pay.

When can a dog owner be liable?

Dog owners are responsible for their pet. If their dog acts viciously toward another person, they can be held responsible for the injuries that the dog inflicted on the victim. These cases can involve specific circumstances where an owner can and cannot be held accountable. If a dog has a history of attacks and vicious behavior, it may be easier for the injured party to prove that the owner should have known about this behavior and did not take the steps to prevent an attack. The owner can then be responsible for failing to maintain control of their pet. They may be liable for damages in connection with the dog’s attack. If the injured party somehow antagonized the dog, they may not be able to hold the owner responsible for the attack. Their behavior could have caused the dog to act in that way out of fear of the individual. For these situations, the owner may not have to pay damages to the injured party. If the injured person was trespassing on the owner’s property, they may not be able to seek liability on the owner’s behalf. By trespassing onto an owner’s property, the victim is in the dog’s space, which may be able to prove that the injured party is at fault.

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