What can I do if I was involved in a mass transit accident?

Throughout the state of Delaware, there are many options available for mass transit. The state has options for transit that connect towns and cities. This allows people to plan out their route for their way to work and other daily activities that they may partake in. A network of trains and buses encourages visitors to explore the area. Public transportation options must be monitored for safety in order for passengers to arrive at their destination without harm. Not only are the vehicles monitored, the stations are as well. SEPTA and DART are two forms of public transportation that people may choose to take advantage of. However, these forms of transportation can also lead to accidents. When accidents occur, people can face unexpected serious injuries. If you or a loved one has been involved in a mass transit accident that has caused a personal injury, you should seek legal counsel in order to explore your options in seeking benefits.

How do mass transit accidents occur?

Mass transits accidents can occur due to a variety of reasons. These forms of transportation need to be monitored in order to ensure safety for the public. There are requirements that these systems must meet and people who are in charge of making sure that these requirements are met. If vehicles are not inspected closely, they can lead to devastating consequences.

Operators can be at fault from a mass transit accident. An operator’s negligence can include speeding, using a device, fatigue or substance abuse, among many other causes. Not only have serious injuries been known to happen while riding on mass transit systems, they can also be caused in stations. Waiting areas and stations must also be monitored to ensure safety for all those around. Negligence by employees can contribute to accidents in waiting areas at stations, on escalators or elevators.

If you can prove that a hazard was unattended due to the negligence of an employee, then you may be entitled to compensation. This compensation can be economic for your lost wages, lost future wages and medical bills. It can also include noneconomic damages for your pain and suffering and emotional distress from the accident.

When dealing with cases involving mass transit, it is best to have representation. We may be able to help you build your case around the negligence you have experienced. Contact us in order to seek the resolution you wish for.

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