Product Liability Cases in Delaware

When a consumer purchases a product, there is rarely a concern about how safe the product is. Consumers put a massive amount of trust into the companies that make everyday products that we all rely on. When that trust is broken because of the negligence of the company to ensure that a product is safe, a consumer can become seriously injured. It is important that when companies fail us, they are held accountable for their actions and pay the consequences. An individual who has been injured by a defective product should be sure to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney because they may be able to compile a team of experts that can determine exactly what caused the accident and who should be held liable.

There are three primary categories for product defects. A design defect is when the designer of the product failed to account for safety in some way and caused consumers to become injured. A manufacturer defect is when the design was safe for public use but the manufacturer deviated from the design in some way, making it dangerous. Failure to warn is when the company did not include detailed instructions or safety warnings and someone became injured.

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