DART & SEPTA accident attorney in Newark, DE

Delaware provides readily available mass transit options that connect towns and cities. A network of bus and train routes offer commuters and visitors easily accessible and affordable transit from one location to the next. Millions use these options daily, relying on their dependability and safety in order to avoid the congested roads of Delaware. Public transportation, including SEPTA and DART must be operated safely and the vehicles and stations monitored for any issue that could impact the safety of patrons. When facing a mass transit liability case, such as SEPTA accidents and DART accidents, there could be multiple parties involved. This matter deserves the attention of an experienced personal injury attorney. MW&M is regularly called upon to represent clients in Delaware injured by negligence. If you are one of those victims and believe you are entitled to compensation for the accident you were subject to, contact MW&M to discuss your legal matter and retain the representation you deserve.

DART and SEPTA accidents in Delaware

Responsible parties are expected to maintain every component of the mass transit system. Mass transit accidents can be caused by an operator’s negligence, including speeding, electronic device use, fatigue, and substance abuse, just to name a few. Catastrophic collisions, train derailments, passenger injuries caused by closing doors and sudden stops are just some of the incidents that can be caused by a negligent operator.

Mass transit accidents are not saved solely for those injured in moving vehicles. They can involve a range of different incidents in and around the station. It is important for the actors responsible for maintaining stations and waiting areas to regularly monitor them for potential hazards that can cause serious harm to patrons. Serious injuries have been caused by negligence involving waiting areas, stations, elevators and escalators, and more. If a person can prove that a hazard was left unattended and the problem was known or should have reasonably been known and it caused serious injury, the victim could be entitled to compensation.


If you are the victim of a DART or SEPTA accident, you may be entitled to compensation. You can bring a case for lost wages, medical bills, future lost earnings, loss of consortium emotional stress, and pain and suffering. An important note is that one’s right to take legal against a government agency is limited, sometimes barred altogether. That said, with mass transit accidents, multiple parties can be involved. Conducting a thorough investigation is important.

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If you have been seriously injured in a bus or train accident in Delaware, it is important to retain the services of an experienced law firm. MW&M fight for the rights of victims of serious injury related to DART & SEPTA accidents, including accidents involved in stations and waiting areas. If you need a knowledgeable law firm to assess your case, guide you through your legal options, and zealously represent you when the time arises, contact MW&M.