Passenger injury attorney in Newark, Delaware

Passengers put their safety in the hands of those who drive them. Whether traveling in a private car, bus, train, taxi, Uber or Lyft, the operator of the vehicle is responsible for the safety of everyone inside. Obviously, being a passenger comes with risks being vulnerable to the actions of the driver. Even further, a passenger in a car or bus is vulnerable to the actions of others on the road. If negligence caused an accident and you suffered serious injury as the passenger, it is important for you to discuss your legal matter with an attorney. In automobile crashes and mass transit accidents, it may be complicated to find all liable parties. These situations call for a thorough investigation and passionate advocacy. MW&M is an experienced personal injury law firm located in Newark, Delaware providing effective legal services for clients across the state injured as passengers. For a free consultation, contact our firm to discuss your legal matter with an attorney.

Car accidents

If you are injured in a private vehicle, taxi, Uber, or Lyft, it is important to find the liable party. In most accidents, at least one person is “at-fault”. As Delaware follows the principle of contributory negligence, there could be multiple parties liable for an accident. There are many reasons for a car accident, including:

  • Driver negligence
  • Road conditions
  • Defective car parts

Mass transit accidents

If you are injured in a DART or SEPTA accident, finding the liable party or parties becomes even more complex. Because Delaware has government immunity from certain tort claims, one’s options to recover damages is quite limited. That said, there could be multiple other parties liable for a mass transit accident. Discussing your situation with an attorney is best.

Taxi, Uber, Lyft Accidents

Taxis and the rising industry of on-demand private transport, including Uber and Lyft make traveling from one location to the next quite convenient. When a person is injured as a passenger in a taxi or private vehicle, finding the faulty party is essential. As with any accidents, there could be multiple parties liable for your injuries, including the driver of your car, other drivers, and the manufacturer or designer of a car part.

Taking legal action

For many of these accidents, regular injuries and medical bills should be covered by the “no-fault” insurance policy of the driver, called Personal Injury Protection (PIP). You may need to file a claim with the insurance company of the driver of your car. If the accident caused you serious harm, you may need to file a lawsuit to recover compensation for your injuries. First, it is important to document your injuries by having the police and medics come to the scene. A thorough investigation by an experienced attorney can help assess the validity of your case.

Contact an experienced DE personal injury attorney

If you are seriously injured in a Delaware motor vehicle accident as a passenger, it can be frightening. Our firm works closely with clients as they work to recover the maximum compensation for serious injuries brought on by accidents. If you need a law firm to fight by your side, contact MW&M today.