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  • When we go to a hospital, doctor’s office, or any other medical facility, we assume that the medical professional seeing to our needs is offering quality care. Sometimes, healthcare providers cause injury, pain and suffering, future complications, unforeseen medical bills, and more through neglect, carelessness, misdiagnosis, and misjudgment. If you or a loved one have suffered at the hands of a neglectful medical professional, you may need to consider your legal options. Consulting with an attorney is a good first step towards just compensation. Delaware Injury Law Firm is an experienced law firm located in Newark, DE focused on representing the seriously injured. If you need to discuss your case with our firm, contact us today for a free initial consultation.

    Our legal services

    Our Delaware medical malpractice team has successfully represented clients in numerous medical malpractice cases, including cases related to:

    • Surgical mistakes
    • Delayed diagnosis
    • Birth injuries
    • Improper consent
    • Failure to diagnose
    • Emergency room errors
    • Prescription errors and overdoses
    • Anesthesia error
    • Hospital-acquired or post-surgical infections
    • Improper care and follow-up

    What is medical malpractice?

    Medical malpractice is a type of negligence that occurs when health professionals fail to meet the medical standard of care. In most negligence cases, “standard of care” is the level expected from a typical peer. In medical malpractice cases, “standard of care” is based on the training and expertise of similar professionals.

    Statute of limitations

    Similar to other Delaware personal injury cases, a medical malpractice claim must be brought within two years from the date the cause of action occurred or within 3 years if the injury was reasonably unknown. This means that generally, you have 2 years to file a suit. If you didn’t know about the injury, the state of Delaware allows you one extra year to file a suit against a medical professional. Minors must file a claim within the 2-year limitation period unless the minor was below the age of six at the time of injury At that juncture, the parents of that minor will have up to his or her sixth birthday or the 2-year limitations period, whichever is greater.

    Contact our medical malpractice firm

    Delaware Injury Law Firm is proud to serve clients throughout Delaware with quality legal services regarding medical malpractice. If you or a loved one were injured because of the neglect of a medical professional, contact our firm today. Your life can be drastically impacted by a medical professional or institution when the standard of care is not met. We recognize the significance of this legal matter and will take all the necessary steps to protect your future. If you need a law firm to assess your case, guide you through your legal options, and effectively represent your needs and rights, contact Delaware Injury Law Firm for a free initial consultation.

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