Dog Bites

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Commonly, dog bite injuries involve a pet of someone you already know, like a friend or family member. Whether a stranger’s dog or a dog you know well inflicted serious injury, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Dog owners are generally responsible for the actions of their animal. If a dog owner acted negligently and it injured a person, the owner could be liable for damages for injury, death, or loss to person or property. Contact Delaware Injury Law Firm for a consultation to discuss your legal matter with an effective attorney.

Delaware dog bite laws

If a dog attacks an individual in Delaware, the owner may be liable for the injuries caused by the dog. Delaware code 1711 states that the dog’s owner is held responsible for the dog’s actions, unless the victim was trespassing, engaging in criminal activity or tormenting the dog in any way. It is important to seek out a lawyer to examine the facts of the case, guide the victim through their options for legal recourse, and fight for compensation because of injuries sustained for that dog bite injury.

After an accident

If you are injured by a dog, call for medical attention immediately. Medical professionals will tend to your needs while also documenting much of your case, including your injury and the general time and place of the incident. If you are able, be sure to take down some information to support your potential claim. You should get the name and address of the person, evidence that the person owns the dog, that it has its proper shots, that it is properly licensed and registered, and if the dog has any history of violence. If anyone saw the incident, speak to them about what they witnessed and collect information to contact them in the future if they are needed to corroborate the facts of your case. If you cannot, call our firm to send someone that can investigate the matter on your behalf. Protect yourself and contact an experienced Delaware personal injury attorney at Delaware Injury Law Firm.

Contact an experienced personal injury law firm

If you were seriously injured by a dog and believe it is a case of negligence, contact our firm. You could be entitled to a range of damages, both economic and noneconomic. Discussing your situation with an experienced an experienced Delaware personal injury attorney is a good first step. Delaware Injury Law Firm provides Delaware victims of serious injury with the comprehensive legal services they deserve. We are ready to assess your legal matter and passionately fight for maximum compensation. For a consultation with our firm, contact Delaware Injury Law Firm today.


Injured by a Dog and Believe it's a Case of Negligence?