As an attorney, when you refer a client to another lawyer, you want to be certain that your client receives high-caliber professional services. Delaware Injury Law firm recognizes the trust one attorney puts into another when referring a case. When you cannot take a case, knowing where to turn for certain legal matters is essential. If you believe that a current client of yours is facing a personal injury or workers’ compensation matter and want to refer them to an experienced injury lawyer in Delaware, we would like you to consider our firm.

Delaware Injury Law firm is an effective, compassionate law firm located in Newark, Delaware. We are dedicated legal professionals focused on providing quality legal services and extraordinary personal attention to every victim of negligence. When someone is injured, the uncertainty of where to turn can be overwhelming. Our firm guides every client through their case, representing their interests and protecting their future. If you are an attorney helping a client find representation in Delaware, contact our firm.

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Delaware Injury Law firm is an experienced New Castle County personal injury law firm. Our attorneys are dedicated injury lawyers with significant legal experience regarding auto accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, workplace accidents, dog bite injuries, and product liability cases.

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