Can I seek the owner’s liability for a dog bite?

Pets can become a big part of our lives. With our own pets, we let them do as they please. They wander our house and sleep in our bed with us. However, sometimes our pets are not as friendly to other people. Animals can become territorial on their own property or protective of their owner. When our dogs are faced with interaction, they may not react in a friendly way. In these cases, individuals have the ability to file a lawsuit against you for your dog’s behavior. For these cases, dog owners can be held liable for an injury someone received because of their dog. If you were the victim of a dog attack, you should know your options when seeking action.

Although a dog owner can be held responsible for their dog’s actions, this can require certain circumstances for incidents involving a dog bite. If a dog is known to have a history of violence, then the owner should have reasonably known about their behavior and taken precautions against it. A victim’s case may be easier to prove due to a previous history. Without a previous history of violence, the owner can still be held liable. If the dog bites someone off the owner’s property, was not properly restrained and was out of the owner’s control, then they can be held liable for the incident.

If a victim trespassed onto the owner’s property, a case may be harder to prove. When the dog is controlled on their owner’s property, the injured party will have to prove negligence. This can then lead you to seek damages for your injuries in the form of monetary compensation for your medical bills. If the victim somehow antagonized the dog or entered the property with the intent to commit a crime, they may not be able to prove liability since they were a part of the cause.

How can I build my case?

It is important to seek medical attention from a healthcare professional after suffering from a  dog bite. Treatment can help make sure that the dog was given the proper veterinary care and does not have any other negative impact on you. This appointment can also provide documentation of your injuries. With this documentation, it helps to build your case by presenting the effect that the dog bite had on you. To build your case further, you should seek medical information about the dog. Also, information regarding the dog’s previous behavioral history could be useful as well.

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